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Please note our new rule: All listed pets must have some indicator on their lookup that they are UFA/UFT, otherwise they will be removed.

Up for Trade (UFT)

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by Color

Chocolate (2)
Darigan (1)
Faerie (3)
Gold (1)
Green (1)
Magma (2)
Msp (2)
Mutant (1)
Pastel (1)
Pirate (2)
Plushie (2)
Royal (2)
Shadow (1)
Silver (1)
Sponge (1)
Transparent (1)
Water (1)
Woodland (1)
Zombie (1)

by Species

Aisha (1)
Cybunny (1)
Draik (9)
Gelert (1)
Gnorbu (1)
Hissi (1)
Kougra (1)
Kyrii (1)
Lupe (1)
Moehog (1)
Mynci (2)
Poogle (3)
Pteri (1)
Scorchio (1)
Xweetok (1)
Zafara (1)

Up for Adoption (UFA)

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by Color

by Species

Unconverted (UC)

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Jaydyn_01 Msp Poogle
scoche777 Mutant Scorchio
Faedraiky Faerie Draik
Grass Woodland Draik
unsterbliche_seele Sponge Lupe
Rhamiel Faerie Pteri
Maiara Royal Cybunny
Cheramic Darigan Kougra
arastrael Faerie Xweetok
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Top BD Pets

sort by: HSD | HP | STR | DEF
Lisini Chocolate Draik 7022
Idon Magma Draik 2754
Waypoints Gold Aisha 2676
Sz Zombie Draik 1159
Pchowmn Transparent Mynci 884
Agon Magma Hissi 513
Maiara Royal Cybunny 224
Rhamiel Faerie Pteri 214
Satoshi Green Moehog 211
Sithera Msp Poogle 189
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Real Word / Real Name

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Shoo Plushie Gnorbu
Waypoints Gold Aisha
Grass Woodland Draik
Restoration Silver Mynci
Agon Magma Hissi
Satoshi Green Moehog

Smartest UFT

Jaydyn_01 the smartest pet UFT.

Toughest UFT

Lisini the toughest pet UFT.

Newest UFT

Liaschan is UFT.

Newest UFA

 is UFT.