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Please note our new rule: All listed pets must have some indicator on their lookup that they are UFA/UFT, otherwise they will be removed.

Up for Trade (UFT)

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by Color

Chocolate (1)
Faerie (1)
Island (1)
Plushie (1)
Rainbow (1)
Royal (1)
Yellow (1)

by Species

Draik (1)
Grarrl (1)
Kyrii (1)
Poogle (1)
Scorchio (1)
Uni (1)
Usul (1)

Up for Adoption (UFA)

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by Color

Elderly (1)

by Species

Grarrl (1)

Unconverted (UC)

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
bielliv1122334455667 Faerie Grarrl
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Top BD Pets

sort by: HSD | HP | STR | DEF
Yvur Island Scorchio 161
Blushing Plushie Poogle 48
Worthless 42
Iedy Royal Draik 30
Timou Rainbow Kyrii 27
Azumi Yellow Uni 24
Beaulieus Chocolate Usul 16
bielliv1122334455667 Faerie Grarrl 13
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Real Word / Real Name

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Azumi Yellow Uni

Smartest UFT

bielliv1122334455667 the smartest pet UFT.

Toughest UFT

Yvur the toughest pet UFT.

Newest UFT

Yvur is UFT.

Newest UFA

Trawty is UFT.