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SITE ISSUES: I've been meaning to update you all for a while on the site issues. Thanks to all the Neopets servers lag and downtime, PetTP is somewhat broken at the moment, because PetTP connects to neo constantly, and every time out breaks something on PetTP (like confirmed pet listings!) Normally I try to fix these up manually before you notice, but with the lag and frequent downtime recently I have had to give up, as things were breaking faster than I could fix them, and it became too much of a Sisyphean task for my liking!. I promise as soon as stability returns to Neopets to put in a concerted effort to get this place back up to snuff. In the meantime feel free to relist your confirmed pets, or just wait out the incessant lag with me! Thanks so much for all your patience, support, and understanding recently!

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Please note our new rule: All listed pets must have some indicator on their lookup that they are UFA/UFT, otherwise they will be removed.

Up for Trade (UFT)

sort by: A-Z | Z-A | most | least

by Color

Baby (4)
Christmas (2)
Darigan (14)
Desert (2)
Faerie (13)
Ghost (1)
Grey (13)
Halloween (3)
Ice (2)
Island (1)
Maraquan (2)
Msp (3)
Mutant (11)
Pastel (1)
Pink (1)
Pirate (1)
Plushie (12)
Red (1)
Robot (4)
Royal (1)
Silver (1)
Speckled (2)
Sponge (1)
Stealthy (6)
Striped (2)
Tyrannian (4)
Usuki (1)
White (1)
Yellow (3)
Zombie (1)

by Species

Acara (2)
Aisha (6)
Blumaroo (2)
Buzz (1)
Cybunny (3)
Draik (14)
Eyrie (5)
Flotsam (2)
Gelert (1)
Gnorbu (1)
Grarrl (2)
Grundo (3)
Hissi (4)
Ixi (5)
Jetsam (2)
Kacheek (3)
Kau (1)
Kougra (5)
Krawk (4)
Lenny (3)
Lupe (5)
Meerca (1)
Moehog (1)
Peophin (3)
Poogle (6)
Pteri (1)
Ruki (1)
Scorchio (3)
Shoyru (5)
Skeith (1)
Techo (3)
Uni (5)
Usul (2)
Wocky (5)
Xweetok (1)
Yurble (1)
Zafara (1)

Up for Adoption (UFA)

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by Color

Baby (2)
Fire (1)
Purple (1)
Starry (1)
Water (1)

by Species

Bori (1)
Cybunny (1)
Draik (1)
Jetsam (1)
Kyrii (1)
Ogrin (1)

Unconverted (UC)

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Kizaroh Grey Yurble
Bleuberri_Saphire Faerie Peophin
SgS_theSlayer Faerie Meerca
Sxialu Faerie Xweetok
Arrynica Faerie Wocky
Adotok Grey Poogle
Osadu Sponge Lupe
Atasha78 Grey Ixi
FeenGlueck Faerie Lenny
Monozelle Darigan Blumaroo
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Top BD Pets

sort by: HSD | HP | STR | DEF
Roash Striped Uni 3841
Mano Yellow Flotsam 1794
Savly Royal Usul 967
Wakokokokok Faerie Wocky 755
Telefuu Msp Poogle 596
Noha Desert Draik 574
Jocilen Striped Scorchio 438
Disly Yellow Draik 430
Jordan_008 Mutant Acara 325
Morpho Mutant Draik 290
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Real Word / Real Name

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Mano Yellow Flotsam
Morpho Mutant Draik
Celebrate Christmas Aisha
dragonball Speckled Hissi
Denis Stealthy Draik
Tallon Baby Eyrie
Fever Ghost Wocky

Smartest UFT

Roash the smartest pet UFT.

Toughest UFT

Roash the toughest pet UFT.

Newest UFT

Kizaroh is UFT.

Newest UFA

Bitricia is UFT.