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Up for Trade (UFT)

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by Color

Baby (1)
Chocolate (1)
Cloud (1)
Darigan (4)
Maraquan (1)
Mutant (1)
Plushie (2)
Stealthy (2)
Transparent (1)
Zombie (1)

by Species

Aisha (1)
Cybunny (1)
Draik (3)
Eyrie (1)
Hissi (1)
Kacheek (2)
Krawk (1)
Mynci (1)
Shoyru (2)
Skeith (1)
Wocky (1)

Up for Adoption (UFA)

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by Color

by Species

Unconverted (UC)

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
www_gloveshack_tk Darigan Shoyru
Saphire_6678 Darigan Aisha
MarioCowen Mutant Skeith
xsnakerella Darigan Hissi
Tallon Baby Eyrie
Puizomu Darigan Wocky
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Top BD Pets

sort by: HSD | HP | STR | DEF
_GLEEK_ Cloud Kacheek 2532
Sz Zombie Draik 1230
Pchowmn Transparent Mynci 992
Saphire_6678 Darigan Aisha 598
Vulkii Stealthy Draik 584
taffy58 Plushie Shoyru 583
Lizanna Plushie Kacheek 172
www_gloveshack_tk Darigan Shoyru 113
Puizomu Darigan Wocky 108
Tallon Baby Eyrie 98
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Real Word / Real Name

sort by: Newest | Name | Color | Species
Tallon Baby Eyrie

Smartest UFT

taffy58 the smartest pet UFT.

Toughest UFT

_GLEEK_ the toughest pet UFT.

Newest UFT

taffy58 is UFT.

Newest UFA

 is UFT.