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About PetTP

What we are.

PetTP is a site designed to help simplify neopet trading by offering an easy to use way to advertise your pets as UFT or UFA. All rules and decisions are made by owners, we are simply a listing service!

How does it work?

PetTP works in the same way as many other popular services such as Google or MSN/Bing. When you type your pet name into our website we send out bots to collect information on your pet to display to everyone else. By using bots not only is it WAY easier to list pets, because you do not have to type in all the details, but, if you use a confirmed button it also keeps the information as accurate and up to date as possible.

Who are we?

PetTP was thought up and created by Frank. It has been run by Arden, of the Lost and Pound, since early 2013. Current staff include Arden, Charly, Kim, Ducky, and Rayray with occasional help from various Lost and Pound staff.

How do I know these listings are current?

PetTP has 4 listing lengths, each chosen by the owner when adding their pet. Listings can be listed for 7, 14, or 28 days normally, after which point they expire and are removed from the listings. Listings can also be made "eternal" with the use of a confirmed button found on the advanced features page.

What is the benefit of confirming your pet?

The benefits of confirming your pet are manyfold. As well as getting a nice red checkmark beside your pet's name proving the legitimicay of your listing, you also get the benefits of regular automatic updates to your listing. The site checks all confirmed listings a couple of times a day, updating their colour, species, stats if they change. All confirmed listings stay listed eternally until the day the button is removed from their lookup. This way you needn't worry about the listing expiring before you've traded away your pet. It also means that when you do trade your pet away, or if you decide to take down its listing, all you need to is remove the button from the page, and within a few hours the site will update, and remove your pet's listing automatically. This means no pets listed long past the point they've been adopted, and no hassle of trying to get in touch with someone to remove the pet for you!

How do I remove my pet from the site?

The easiest way is to use a confirmed button on your pet's lookup. When you remove the button from the pet's lookup (or it's automatically removed when you transfer a pet) the site will automatically update and remove the pet (please give it a few hours to update!) If you did not use a confirmed listing, or are struggling for some other reason, please neomail cinderellie7, and she will remove the pet as soon as she is able!

I made a mistake when I listed my pet, how do I fix it?

To update any info about a listing, simply resubmit with the correct information selected. It will overwrite the original listing, not duplicate the listing, so don't fear! If you accidentally misspelled the pet's name, neomail cinderellie7 and she'll remove the erroneous listing for you outright!

My listing has been removed, why is this?

Currently the only time we remove listings that haven't simply expired, is when they do not have something on the pet lookup indicating that they are actually UFT/UFA. This can be anything from the official confirmed button, to simply a bit of text on the lookup, but it MUST be present, or else your pet will be removed on suspicion of trolling.

What are you doing to keep my pets from being listed against my will?

We check all the listings of newly added pets, to make sure they have written somewhere on their lookup that they are UFA/UFT. If we suspect a troll is adding pets, we will ban them from the site. We also put pets that are not UFT/UFA on a banned pets list to prevent them from being readded. If your pet is added by someone else and we haven't caught it yet, please neomail cinderellie7 to have it removed! We do our best to stay on top of trolls, but we are only human and sometimes we miss things!

When adding my pet, what do the check boxes mean?

The checkboxes are ways to select what your pet CURRENTLY IS (UC, RW, RN, etc.) This is NOT a way to show what you're seeking! Abuse of the checkboxes on a regular basis will get you banned from the site!

How do I add a description, or what I'm seeking?

The Advanced Features page has a bunch of nifty codes, including the "Pet Description" code. Use the Pet description code on your pet's lookup to add what you want to show up with the listing.

I added the confirmed button, or a pet description code, but it's not showing on the site!

In order to find out you have new information on your pet's lookup, the site needs you to tell it to recheck. Do so by simply resubmitting your pet, your pet's listing will now update on PetTP with the new information!