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PetTP Advanced Features

Neomail Forwarding

Here is how you can list pets and have neomails forwarded to a different account. This is very useful if you are trading pets that have a home on a side account that is not often checked. Copy the code from the box below and paste it into your pets description.

Now replace the YOUR_FORWARD_ACCT with the account name that you would like neomails sent to. Then list (or re-list) your pet and all future neomails will be sent to the account specified.

Adding Extra Details / Description

If you would like to add more details, or a description to your pet you will need to add a special div to your pets description. The extra details can include a story, the pets history, pets that are you seeking, or just about anything else really. There are a few things you should know first however. Do not place a div inside this special div, if you do the description you added will be cut short and probably make your pets profile here on PetTP look all sorts of goofy. Also, you can style the div any way you like and this includes even making it invisible (if you know how, otherwise you should probably ask for advice). Finally, this information will also be on Neopets, hidden or not, so it would be best not to try any funny business.

Here is the Special Div Code